PCB Process Machine Series

Yantra has comprehensive horizontal wet process series of equipment for PCB process.

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing machines play a pivotal role in the electronics industry by enabling the efficient and precise production of PCBs, which serve as the fundamental building blocks of electronic devices. These machines are essential for automating and streamlining the PCB manufacturing process, ensuring high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective circuit boards.

Our machine elements

  • In-house design and manufacturing
  • Completely customizable as per customer requirement.
  • Conveyor designs for all types from Flex panels( 0.03 -1 mm thickness),Final Panel,Final Small Panel,Back Panel, Outer thin Panel, Ultra-thin inner layer panel, Inner thin panel and Standard Panel (0.3 – 6 mm thickness)
  • Machines compatible and customizable for any chemistry supplier.
  • Safety features as per industrial standards and CE certified*
  • PLC with HMI electrical cabinets

Horizontal Wet-Process Machines

  • Dry Film Pre clean
  • SM Developer
  • DF Developer
  • Alkaline Etching
  • Micro-Etch Machine
  • Acid Etching
  • Film Stripper
  • Tin Stripper
  • Mec Etch line
  • HASL Pre clean
  • HASL Post clean
  • Final Cleaning Line
  • Brushing Line
  • Rinse Module
  • Dryer Module
  • Pre-Clean Line
  • Direct metallization
  • Deburring Line

Vertical Lines (Manual, Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic)

  • Enig Line
  • PTH line
  • PPL line
  • Immersion Silver Line
  • Immersion Tin Line
  • Electrolytic copper
  • Electroless copper